Qualified persons may apply for a license.  The license fee is payable through PayPal or cheque, payable to The Public Accountants Board Of The Province Of Nova Scotia. Persons who are members of professional accounting bodies must also submit a letter of good standing from their association.

If you do not hold yourself out to be a Public Accountant you do not need to be licensed to perform the following functions:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, Management Consulting, Computer Consulting

Amendments to the Public Accountants Act and Related By-laws and Standards

(Please read prior to completing application forms)

Public Accountant Licence Application Form

Public Accountant Auditing Licence Application Form

Experience Certification Report (Please review A and B Section Totals to ensure the form has captured any edits you may have made to source figures)

Guideline Criteria for Establishing that an Applicant for a Licence under the Act has Practiced Public Accounting in a Substantive Way

Out of Province Affidavit (if applicable)

Licencee Name

Please use this form if submitting online payment for your application.